Kyle Nunery

Kyle has spent over 15 years building business solutions on the Microsoft platform. He was part of a two person team that built a website that monitored and managed the payroll print jobs of a very large payroll management company. The website was a key part of a new print system that saved them millions of dollars annually while helping them guarantee on time delivery of printed checks. While working for one of the largest payroll and HR companies in the US he was the sole developer of the new online scheduler, employee maintenance, timesheet, and 3rd party web service API for the next generation time and attendance product. The entire development process was automated by Kyle which saved hundreds of hours over the previous manual processes used. Kyle was part of a much larger team which pushed a new student data system to Texas which allows teachers unprecedented access to their student’s data. It is now much easier to identify and help at risk students. Most recently he automated the purchasing system of a company which previously required 10+ people to do by hand. With the new system 1 person can manage the entire purchasing process.



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